Utility Internet of Things

Utility Internet of Things

 Petersburg Consultants has been managing and developing telecommunication networks for many years. We draw on this experience to help grid operators develop cybersecure telecommunication networks for running the Smart Grids of the future.

SmartGrids are the logical solution in the evolution from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. What sets Smart Grids apart is that all the vital components in the grid are equipped with sensors and IT devices, which are linked by a modern telecommunication network. Together, they form a national Utility Internet of Things. Telecommunication networks and IT are elements of the Critical National Infrastructure, and cybersecurity is the highest priority for grid operators. It is vital to ensure that this infrastructure is not vulnerable to cyberattacks by hackers.When our clients need advice and assistance, they call us.

Why Petersburg?
Although you can choose from a wide range of technology and suppliers, what matters is the vision that you want to develop as a grid operator. What sets us apart is our vast experience of engineering electricity infrastructures, combined with our understanding of strong, future-proof IT and telecommunication applications.

We look forward to offering our input and assistance to help you answer these and other questions:

  • What combinations of building blocks and suppliers should your management and directors select?
  • How can you best integrate your new comprehensive infrastructure into the existing infrastructure?
  • How do you go about replacing your existing infrastructure with a new infrastructure?
  • How can you implement both the system and culture necessary for ensuring cybersecurity?

We provide the following services:

  • Strategic studies and assistance defining your visions
  • Coaching and management consultancy
  • Programme and projectmanagement
  • Security by design (cybersecurity and ISO27001 implementation)
  • SWOT analyses of your existing IT/OT infrastructure
  • Architecture studies (IT/OT)
  • Telecommunication network architecture (LAN/WAN)
  • Datacentredesign
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Supplier selection
  • Help with calls for tenders
  • Telecommunication network management
  • System integration
  • Testmanagement