Overhead power lines: awareness of the surroundings

Overhead high-voltage power lines are impossible to hide away. Yet they are also indispensable. To achieve the necessary transmission capacity, the power lines need to meet certain standards, while the pylons serve to ensure that the conductors remain at a safe distance from the ground no matter what happens.

We design, advise on and perform design reviews of the electricity, energy and construction aspects of overhead power lines. This includes designing reconstructions of power lines and power stations loop-ins and calculating maximum loads. You can also hire us to conduct feasibility studies for upgrades and alternatives or to prepare catenary drawings.

One factor that we include in our calculations is how the power lines affect the surroundings – for example electromagnetic interference with objects and the location of magnetic field zones.

We provide the following services:

  • reconstructions
  • new constructions
  • feasibility studies
  • load calculations
  • magnetic field studies
  • EMC studies
  • temporary overhead power lines
  • pylon construction, portals, walkways and foundations
  • line-cable terminations
  • power stations loop-ins
  • groundings