High-voltage power stations: engineering junctions

High-voltage power stations are where it all comes together. Overhead power lines and underground power cables are connected to the station’s bays. The power station itself is equipped with components, support structures, cables and operating controls. It also needs facilities to protect the equipment and components – buildings and fences, for example. We provide complete engineering packages for high-voltage power stations.

Interfaces are an important factor for high-voltage power stations. We possess strong interface management and understand the related engineering disciplines, enhanced by our knowledge of and expertise with overhead power lines and underground power cables. We design, advise on and perform design reviews of the electrical engineering, energy engineering and mechanics.

We provide the following services:

  • grounding systems design
  • touch and step voltage calculations and reviews
  • lightning protection
  • ground resistivity measurements and total grounding resistance measurements
  • lightning protection designs
  • magnetic field zone calculations for the entire power station
  • electrical designs, primary
  • short-circuit calculations
  • structural designs, primary (steel structures below high-voltage components and rails)
  • structural designs, portals