Interference calculation: interaction between grids

Effects occur between high voltage and objects when energy is transferred from the high-voltage source to the object. This energy transfer always takes place, though the precise effect depends on the objects’ respective positions. Our principal focus is on the interaction between overhead power lines, power cables and pipelines: our challenge is to safely discharge the energy transferred, without compromising the safety and reliability of the objects.

We examine and calculate electrical, magnetic, mechanical and thermal effects between pipeline systems and high-voltage systems, with a view to safety and reliability. We provide advice, designs and design reviews, particularly for electrical and energy aspects.

We provide the following services:

  • reviewing maximum bridging voltages
  • reviewing AC corrosion and cathodic protection
  • assessing damage to sheaths from partial discharges
  • calculating thermal interference
  • calculating electrical interference
  • calculating magnetic interference
  • calculating stray currents
  • identifying high-frequency phenomena (radio and audible noise)
  • grounding designs