Primaire engineering station Borssele 380kV

About the Borsseleonshore power station

Plans are underway to expand the Borssele 380kV onshoresubstation.Lines will be added to the Net op Zee offshore grid, to EPZand to a new 380kV power line of the ZuidWest380 project (West).

In May 2017, SAG GmbH contracted us to make a new busbar design (150kV&380kV) and carry out engineering forthe busbar and switchgear supports ofthe Borsseleonshore power station. The challenge with this multidisciplinary job lies in theplanning as well as in technology. Our work in this project includes:

 Engineering five overhead line support towers;
 Engineering four Net op Zee offshore grid client bays;
 Engineering two ZuidWest380 client bays;
 Engineering one transformer bay;
 Engineering one cross-connectionbay;
 Calculating short-circuit forces for the new busbar sections;
 Engineering a new groundingsystembelow the busbar expansion and portals, connecting the new groundingsystem to the existing grid;
 Reviewing the lightning protection for the expanded facility.

This contract falls under the UAV-GC 2005 standard conditions. Petersburg Consultants has been contracted for to provide engineering for the final design, the executive design and the As-Built package.




2017 – 2019


UAV-GC 2005




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