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Petersburg is a highly-qualified and flexible engineering firm. With a workforce of more than 55, we offer engineering, consultancy and advice within the energy sector. In the 20+ years since the company’s founding in 1998, we have matured to become a specialist in high voltage, high-voltage-related infrastructure, how high voltage impacts the environment around us and the ongoing evolution towards sustainable energy sources and their infrastructure. To stay ahead of the pack, we pursue a policy of growth, specialisation, continuity and a strong focus on developing expertise, to guide our clients along the path towards sustainability. Petersburg: Leadership in Energy Transition!

What we do

Our activities cover the field of EMC calculations, cable calculations, and basic and detailed designs for primary, secondary and civil and structural installations for high-voltage power stations and power lines. We also provide construction assistance, remaining life assessments (RLAs) and upgrades for overhead power lines. In recent years we have expanded our services to include various renewables, such as solar parks and wind farms. Besides using the very latest technologies and specialist software, we also develop our own unique software tools designed specifically for the high-voltage sector.


In 2019 Petersburg Consultants was acquired by Lievense, a multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm operating in the field of construction, infrastructure, water and the environment. In October 2019, together with Lievense we became part of WSP, a global consultancy and engineering firm headquartered in Montreal in Canada.


Our people – highly-trained experts on energy, electrical, civil, structural and mechanical engineering – work together to maintain and improve the electricity grid. They prepare the grid for problems arising from decentralised power generation and the increasing demands on the capacity of the existing grid – and then they solve the problems.

We call on our understanding of the full array of disciplines to engineer high-voltage power stations. We are also working on the upgrade to a stable 4G communication network in the high-voltage grid and helping it to evolve to 4G+ and 5G.

Whenever we work on a high-voltage challenge, we integrate multiple disciplines to deliver a high standard of engineering and consultancy for our clients.

What our people are saying...

“If someone from outside work asks what I do, I usually talk about overhead power lines and pylons and explain what effects need to be considered. We’re one of the few firms in the Netherlands with the capability to carry out the work that this involves on a large scale.” 

“The firm possesses so much expertise, and our clients rate us as reliable. Our reports are rarely questioned: it’s generally acknowledged that we know our business. We’re thorough: we get to the bottom of the issue.”

“Our multidisciplinary teams work on engineering high-voltage power stations.”


waarom petersburg
waarom petersburg

You should hire Petersburg Consultants because…
• our lines of communication are short, and we possess every expertise and every discipline in-house
• our disciplines include energy technology, electrical, civil, structural and mechanical engineering
• we are a specialist, highly qualified and knowledge-intensive firm
• we are flexible and innovative and have a clear eye for our clients’ needs
• we are compliant with the highest standards of quality and safety: we are ISO 9001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 14001-certified and we are on our way to level 3 of the Safety Culture Ladder


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Petersburg Consultants offers stability in a dynamic energy sector. Our committed and flexible team works on leading energy projects in the Netherlands: EMC studies, basic and detailed designs for civil components, construction assistance, remaining-life assessments (RLAs), upgrades for overhead power lines and designs for high-voltage power lines and cables. We utilise the latest technologies, including 3D engineering, to ensure clear communication about our projects and eliminate confusion.


Our clients include TenneT, Novec, ProRail, SAG/Spie, Gasunie and Shell. What they appreciate most about us is the quality of our work, the high standard of our expertise and our consistent reliability. When we make a promise, we deliver.

Our clients about us: 

‘Al minstens tien jaar maakt Petersburg Consultants voor ons berekeningen van AC-beïnvloeding van hoogspanningsverbindingen op onze gasleidingen. Dit is een heel specifieke expertise en Petersburg is één van de weinigen die dit goed in de vingers heeft gekregen. Je merkt dat ze specialist zijn op dit gebied.’ Henk Bakker, project engineer Gasunie

‘Wij schakelen Petersburg Consultants in bij het ontwerpen van hoogspanningsstations. Petersburg werkt doelgericht en accuraat, tot nu toe verloopt alles volgens plan en afspraak. Als zij een beslissing nemen voelt dat goed voor mij, zo’n besluit is altijd technisch onderbouwd en gebaseerd op wet- en regelgeving.’ Nils Kersting, projectleider SPIE SAG GmbH

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From 1998 …
Petersburg Consultants was founded in 1998, by Toon Ross and Marcel Janssen. Most of our work in those early years involved studies, project assistance and advice in the field of electrical engineering. We later added engineering as a core activity.

… to the present
Over the past two decades we have evolved into specialists in the fields of high voltage, high-voltage infrastructure and how high voltage impacts the world around us. Wherever possible we use software tools developed in-house, intended specifically for the high-voltage sector. In 2013 we made a decision to accelerate our growth, and we are still growing to this day.


Our mission is to safeguard and develop expertise in the energy sector. We pursue this mission by providing knowledge-intensive services to grid operators and contractors for pipelines and high-voltage infrastructures.

Our mission is reflected by our firm’s open, no-nonsense culture. Teamwork and commitment are the principal factors in the pursuit our shared goals. We develop knowledge and expertise in a culture of challenges and freedom that has its foundations in the sense of responsibility and integrity of our people. We use solid technical expertise to provide honest answers.

To Petersburg, quality means continuity for our clients, our firm and our people. We endeavour to meet and exceed expectations and deliver added value. As a result, we develop a strong understanding with our clients and ensure that our firm can focus on healthy operations and development in the longer term.

We want to create safe and responsible conditions for our people, our clients and the world around us. We also pursue sustainability. An open environment at work helps to give our firm a culture where sensible choices are made. Our services are provided by people with skill and awareness.

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